Twitter Updates for 2008-11-10

  • @PhillyMac_Chat But if they all topped Obama, he’d have lost… #
  • Actually managed dishpan zero today. Woohoo! #
  • Jamie Gorelick for AG? That’s insane. #
  • Typhoid Jamie, mistress of disaster. Wow. #
  • Perhaps he has a hidden agenda of trying to make Reno and Ashcroft look good? :> #
  • @margilowry I’d forgotten or not known she was associated with the PGP/Clipper Chip fiasco & Duke non-rape case as well as 9/11 & FNMA. #
  • Experimented with mix of sausage & chicken in red sauce for pasta tonight. Came out good. Usually if sausage I supplement with burger. #
  • Funny Deb should mention nutmeg discussion at work today. Went fairly heavy with that on the chicken, along with garlic & oregano. #
  • Watched the Heroes from 13 days ago, finally. Fascinating. #
  • @MaddyPumilia She rocks! #
  • Shouldn’t stay up so late. At least the smoke in office from dude downstairs subsided so I could actually *use* the office room. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Guy? Izzat you? #
  • @sleepybeth Children are tricksy and reachful critters., #
  • Odd for us both to dream of being at conferences in hotels. Mine had @MikeG1 and @alizasherman there, and giant slides to the lobby. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Oh, cuz when I followed Guy Kawasaki, it was a steady stream of announcements of new Alltop subdomains/topics. #
  • @caltechgirl Yay! And happy birthday! Just hadn’t gotten it posted and tweeted yet. Kids. #
  • @plumcrzy @jcaruso No compelling state interest. Deeper problem is we’ve defined the state too much into marriage, as to legal benefits etc. #
  • @jcaruso @plumcrzy Exactly. All forms. Heinleinesqu line marriage FTW! #
  • @plumcrzy #
  • @plumcrzy NYT profiles of potential cabinet members. Something I saw this AM made it sound more likely someone else would get it. #
  • Deval Patrick was apparently a possible but would prefer to stay governor of MA. Where from what I can tell he seems reasonable enough. #
  • My system is still adjusting to the schedule & physical labor change after a couple weeks. #
  • Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day. #mmsat #
  • ComneyCare aside, kudos to BMC HealthNet for some of the best friendly & efficient customer service ever. #
  • @CaseySoftware Heck, I’d settle for $0.0002B. No more debt. A cushion. I could take it from there handily. #
  • @CaseySoftware But yeah, a whole $1B *would* be pretty awesome. #

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