Twitter Updates for 2008-11-09

  • It’s Quincy all over again, being squeezed out of parking when there’s plenty. Assholes. #
  • Hurt my foot jumping up and down on floor in neighborly displeasure. Doh. #
  • Technically you could park 9 cars here for 3 apartments. Nobody is supposed to have more than 2 ordinarily. #
  • Landlord OK’d our 3rd when we rented b/c spare undesirable spot existed. We have 2 now. Downstairs has 1 if neerdowell son not back/visiting #
  • Upstairs has 3 cars & a trailer in the spare spot. 1 car is dead truck he’s waiting for bank to repo, like they’ll rush that these days. #
  • Downstairs wants to own the spot nearest street + primo private spot behind bldg, even with 1 car, in case of snow so not much shoveling… #
  • 1st thing in AM when she leaves. After Deb used to leave. Waaaay after I leave, as early as 2 AM. One of spots we use nearest street… #
  • is only b/c we haven’t been able to get back our old spot from upstairs, due to their extra. And they kind of use 2 spots for their new car. #
  • Upstairs gets the normally primo spot closest to door, which they keep from being more than 1 spot as it could. So really they use 5 spots. #
  • Which results in the war of parking between us and downstairs? It’s really all about the increasingly loud & herbal 3rd floor. Except… #
  • When he had the dead truck part out front on side of road, downstairs insisted he move it into a parking spot, cuz she owns the place, yeah? #
  • Slept unexpectedly late. Ought to mean coherence and energy today. #
  • Henry heard me say the word lunch and came running. Guess it’s that time. #
  • Been geeking out with for a little while. Fascinating. Early maps are great visual of addition of new states. #
  • Hope my foot feels better before tomorrow night when I have to go back to work. Limping bad. #
  • That is, limping (& wincing each step) would be bad in that context. #
  • Should go back to the pain relievers anyway. Reduced almost completely since end of work Saturday AM to save on almost empty Tylenol. #
  • @sharone75 So Emily is crazy, huh? OTOH notwithstanding a certain fear of heights I wanted to learn to fly. #
  • Still think it’s funny that Nokia alarm clock is better written than Blackberry’s. #

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