Twitter Updates for 2008-11-08

  • @MaddyPumilia That’s surprisingly long. Hop you’re not infested with something that’s interfering. #
  • Need to be sleepier. Hello the sleepy! Where are you? #
  • @mtpolitics Aha! Well, it seems to have wandered this way now, so yay. Not sure what to make of the sore throat that coincided. #
  • It’s way too early and I slept way too little and the past 20 minutes went way too fast. #
  • Another day, another few bucks. Apparently they’re pleased. 10th day ends with me not that sore. #
  • If you don’t grab your check, they mail it. Presumably will be in mailbox today, same town and all. #
  • Cool! Hannaford IS open this early. #
  • @abigvictory Naturally the phrase “never the Twain shall meat” popped into my head. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Surviving. Enjoying the physically demanding job more than perhaps I should. #
  • I can’t help noting that the package distribution operation is like a giant piece of software in physical form. Logistics… cool. #
  • Salt & Vinegar potato chips… part of a nutritious breakfast. #
  • 60 degrees outside, yet it’s almost 80 inside. Haven’t baked. Heat still off. Not even sun streaming in. Crazy. #
  • No wonder we made it almost to December last year before we had to turn on heat. And we haven’t finished sealing windows yet. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat FWIW having an iPod on you is verboten, though the emphasis is on cell phones. Rationale is difficulty telling if stolen. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Since those sorts of things could be in the shipments passing through. Also, too busy to use & too necessary to hear stuff. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Bad enough I often don’t notice conveyors have stopped. Have to be able to hear warning alarm when they restart. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Other stuff, though… I almost can’t work unless I have music to focus me or absorb excess brain capacity. #
  • Back to loading dishwasher & stuff before boy goes nuts in baby prison. #
  • Indeed, I see it’s an hour since I freaked because an hour had passed since I declared it time to start beans quick soaking. #
  • Still need a clean pan for that. If boy makes dishes not possible & at all times you’re either with him or asleep or at work… #

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