Twitter Updates for 2008-11-07

  • Bbq shredded beef, rice, corn, cauliflower, Italian bread went overe huge with kids. Well, not the cauliflower. #
  • Snapped at UPS guy when he knocked on door, thinking it was my mother again, dropping by as I was shredding the beef, finishing supper. #
  • Argh. That’s “too” not to! Just noticed I tweeted: “Apparently I do to, I’d noticed.” Sigh… #
  • @mtpolitics Yeah. We like our delivery guys. At least it was just a more harried/annoyed than usual “hang on!” Growled, really. Not worse. #
  • @mtpolitics Not to mention tipping the barkeep and other similar folks. #
  • One thing for arm to hurt when working, but could do without random stabbing pain any given day or time. Thanks Renovator’s Supply for that. #
  • @mtpolitics I think “nuclear wessels” gave that away. #
  • @MaddyPumilia What is iTunes problem? No idea if I can help, but what the heck. #
  • @MaddyPumilia Looked back to see advice, but not clear in what way it’s not working. Uninstall doesn’t always enough… #
  • @MaddyPumilia and files/registry info can be there that messes up a clean install. #
  • Blargh. Must go to bed. 2 AM is only 3:40 away. #
  • I bleed enthusiastically. And done early despite the exciting last truck with dead rollers & no dock light. #
  • Totally forgot to check on whether checks were being handed out. Manager didn’t mention when I left after last truck. #
  • Now can I fall asleep? #
  • Kids want tuna for lunch. Maybe I can feed them into tranquility. #
  • @sekimori And can you say “unconstitutional”? Sure you can! Oh wait, so was McCain-Feingold, and the Kelo taking. Oops. #
  • It’d be nice if the girls would allow their brother to nap. It’s almost to “keep him awake for the duration” stage. #
  • Not to mention it’s time to start on supper if I want to feed them on time tonight. May as well, since I basically can do little else. #
  • Heck, they’ve been making it hard to cook, on top of just short of impossible to do dishes. #
  • I did manage to remove move of the blocks from the toys out & about today, right under their noses, putting them out of circulation a while. #
  • Anywho, goal ideally is for everyone to be asleep by 8:00. #
  • Eh… Maybe I’ll finish the few sentence post I started 40 minutes ago before they came to help. #
  • Heard banging, looked, kids had a stash of blocks they are now taking out and throwing around living room floor. #
  • They NEVER store things in that cabinet. How did they know to put blocks in it yesterday? Sheesh. Still, I got a ton of them. #
  • I love how they trick me into complacency by letting me do a tangential post other than the planned one, then resume attack as soon as done. #

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