Twitter Updates for 2008-11-06

  • The kids make 3-5 hours of grueling truck unloading feel easier than it might otherwise. #
  • Except the part where they make getting adequate sleep impossible, which makes the work part harder and more painful. #
  • @MitchWagner Wow, I didn’t know that. In late 90s when I did VB support I know DOS was alive, used in a lot of factory systems for instance. #
  • I have backup now! Maybe I can fill the dishwasher & run it before I collapse more completely. Better be able to sleep tonight. #
  • My weight has fluctuated in a 15 lb range since I started job. #
  • Feeling vaguely sick, as opposed to merely tired. #
  • Just got office back from napping baby. Almost kind of awake myself now. Gotta finish making girls grilled cheese, tomato soup for all. #
  • Baby gets leftovers & maybe some pan toasted bread with his non-dairy margarine, to resemble grilled cheese. #
  • Simultaneously thawing beef toward supper and working on languishing computer. Yep, must be almost awake. #
  • Getting kicked as soon as you’ve started to raise yourself off the floor is always fun. #
  • The logistics of this schedule need work. When and how to sleep. What, when and how to cook. Almost as much as if there were a Real Job. #
  • Perhaps more so, since Real Job would mean babysitting or Deb home, and more hope of affording convenience. #
  • Oh well. Check stove. See if computer I was working on survived tiny brownout. See what kids up too. Drinks. Coffee. Toy pickup. Etc. #
  • Sadie is insulted not to be allowed to have the living room furniture where she moved it. #
  • @abigvictory Apparently I do to, I’d noticed. #

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