Twitter Updates for 2008-11-05

  • No staying up until 3 AM this election night, considering I have to leave for work then. OTOH I can see where things stand before I go. #
  • @timeril But enough about the popular vote totals… #
  • @chucksimmins Fast Times At The BBC? Dudes! #
  • OK, gotta tuck you all in for the night and go put kids and self to bed. Have fun making Twitter crash under the load. #
  • Can’t sleep yet. Laying down=back pain, besides difficulty in on-demand sleep. This is why I read to sleep so often. #
  • @SeanMarler I noticed that too, except McCain wasn’t all the way up to 60% when I first saw it. #
  • @PhillyMac_Chat Sitting here in dark at computer can make me relax to sleep too, just then have to get up and go lay down. #
  • Works better if I’m already there when I do crash. #
  • New Mexico seems to be fixed. I mean, detail bubble on the MSNBC map, not by Acorn or the late Joe K. Sr or whatever. #
  • Kids are a bit slow om the slumber. #
  • OK, relaxed more now, and it’s only 3.5 hours until alarm goes off. Let’s try the sleep thing again… #
  • @bdthomas Republicans could own that vote. That’s the key to where they went astray & why they’re facing a timeout to reconsider. #
  • No good getting up early, then waiting until last minute to pull self away from the intertubes… #
  • I’m surprised the income tax elimination measure almost passed last time, but wasn’t even close to passing this time. #
  • Can’t officially blame Renovator’s Supply for the shoulder, but spent much of shift not suire elbow would last. #
  • Inexplicable I know, but I love this job. It’s good for me too, but guess I have reason for “real job” besides $. #
  • That was a relaxing drive to Wal-Mart. #
  • Done. Better get home before anyone panics. #
  • @robmay Some of mine prob feel same way, fundy or not. Away sounds increasingly good. #
  • Shocked by gay marriage results. Also far more complex topic than implied by a yes/no definitional vote mired in socioreligious tradition. #
  • Kids are really starting to show the results of plowing through the rest of their Halloween candy. #
  • Duh. Forgot to take painkillers when I got home from work. That explains that part of things. #

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