Twitter Updates for 2008-11-04

  • Bedtime already! Good thing I’m not trying to sleep in the smoking lounge. My office, that is, courtesy of Son of Neighbors. #
  • Perhaps by the time he’s 40 or so he will have *really* moved out. #
  • Amazingly, woke up before the alarms, 1st of which was set for 1:50. #
  • Let’s see if I can down a 3rd coffee before getting out of here. Starting time 3:15 today. Mustn’t forget to bandage fingers first… #
  • Ouch. #
  • Thanks Renovator’s Supply, for pre-injuring me. Totally meritless WC claim, of course. #
  • Am I in the right place? Long line. Maybe they don’t open polls until 7:00. #
  • It’s on the way home, and not only can I vote against frank, met his opponent. #
  • @sharone75 I felt almost like one key point of the visit was to inform us of the date. You could sense the “accomplished” checkmark. #
  • @MikeG1 Packratism gone digital? Been there, am that. #
  • Perfect music video for today: #
  • One of my all time favorite songs. Oddly, 1st time I recall hearing it as kid was at my grandmothers. Made me daydream vividly… #
  • about revolutionaries trudging down the road by that house. #
  • @MichaelTurk No, I didn’t. Not too surprising for celebs to tire of that, but there’s ways to handle it, or not. #
  • Well, that’s most dishes done & kitchen swept. Next: window sealing, moving stuff in office, grocery run. #
  • @sharone75 Absolutely! I’ll find a way to use them, even if I have to bake something with dairy or egg in it. #
  • @sharone75 I go by there between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. Someone’s probably up then and it’s on the way. #
  • @danavan It’s kind of cool to look at a random LinkedIn profile and see it’s 3rd degree connection via 9 of mine. #
  • Time to get back to work. #
  • @shartlen We’ve never had a problem with FiOS, though we don’t have the TV portion of it. #
  • @shartlen I mean, never except for the installer plugging us into someone else’s power in cellar so I had to run a long extension cord. #
  • @abigvictory Ooh, chili sounds good. Maybe I’ll make some tomorrow. #
  • @bamapachyderm Not this Eeyore! #

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