Twitter Updates for 2008-11-03

  • @neatlytangled Maybe your phone isn’t receiving? #
  • I seem to have gained several pounds in the past day, whether it’s hydration bounce or abrupt muscle creation. Still look & feel same. #
  • If not skinnier, for that matter. #
  • Sadly, woke up this morning after 6-7 hours feeling as if I’d just come home from unloading trucks for 3-4 hours. #
  • @sharone75 Heh. Me too, except… people won’t. No more than with Reagan, or Clinton, or W. (Oddly, don’t recall derangement about HW.) #
  • @sharone75 Plus with the sheer volume of vote-related antics/fraud, there may be a lot of fallout for a long time, even if not that close. #
  • Must have a talk with my mother. #
  • Also, it’d be nice to be able to breathe *in my own office.* #
  • Those 2 things not related, but she sure didn’t help with my crowded to-do list today. You don’t get to live off child support until last… #
  • possible moment, end up martyring on the altar of 3 PT jobs, and sneer at MY taking a PT job to help scrape by & do a mental/physical reset. #
  • No more drop-ins. No more presumption. No more ruining the busy days off, or even if they were completely relaxing. #
  • Convenient timing. If there’s such a thing as sympathy vote. #

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