Twitter Updates for 2008-11-02

  • Love being able to tell expat son is visiting downstairs by inability to breathe in my office. Maybe I’ll try to make the breaker flip. #
  • So he can’t see to do his laundry. #
  • Probably just need to plug microwave into office outlet & run it, voila. Then go clean the living room. #
  • It’s nice to feel more or less awake! Got a good 10 hours. Didn’t even dream packages, bottomless trucks, crazed roller & conveyor setups. #
  • I’d forgotten just how intensely my old elbow injury could hurt. Glad it subsided in minutes. #
  • @neatlytangled If you can tweet from your phone, must just be Blackberry constipation mine is having. Reboot probably fixes. #
  • Cranberry pork chops mostly done. Gotta cook some rice, maybe another veggie. Besides the sweet potatoes, also about done. #

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