Twitter Updates for 2008-11-01

  • Gave up on pumkin bread for now. Trying to get applesauce & dishes while baby naps. #
  • Supper sacrificed to Halloween. Should have gotten something made ahead. Trying to get burgers into them. #
  • 3 hours ought to be enough sleep for anyone, right? At least Sun and Mon are my weekend. #
  • Elephantine exit sphincters partying on 3rd floor above my head. Yay for sleep. #
  • Before I stopped being even close to sleep, I was closing eyes to waking dreams of rollers and conveyers and boxes. #
  • More coffee! Then bandage the fingers and go go go. #
  • Rookies got to stay late today. Suspect hrs will be more than advertised. TGIS #
  • Tank full. Wonder if Hannaford is open. Probably. #
  • Wondering if we need anything at Hannaford beside sale item I came for. #
  • Some unfortunate person had a stuck alarm in a big van in parking lot. Strangely familiar… #
  • Mmm… Donuts. #
  • Kids may have to take care of selves today, considering I easily dosed of in this chair, not even trying to nap yet. #
  • For a change having trouble stay awake at all today. Poor kids need lunch though. #
  • NOT ONLY are we paying for the electricity used to light the laundry & workshop area of cellar, but also it’s on my office’s circuit. #
  • I am irate. #
  • No idea WTF else might be on that or another of our circuits, but it means when the son of downstairs does laundry several hrs a week we pay #
  • On top of getting his smoke in our apartment. Guess it *would* have been entertaining in that respect had our power been shut off. #
  • Suddenly I want to test every “public” light & outlet down there with our breakers off, so I know how irate to be. #
  • I already knew that we paid for the 3rd floor’s light on our landing, moot b/c everyone just uses ours. #
  • Glad I put a CF bulb in cellar a couple years ago, donating bulb figuring we were using 1st floor’s power when doing laundry. #
  • Waaay back the power went off on that circuit one day & before I could get down there to flip it someone already had, so really no surprise. #
  • Sorry for the spew. Time to work on supper, have a coffee to keep me going until actual time to sleep. Half-napped much of day. Not good. #
  • @danabrit “Icing my groin” sounds like something @abigvictory would tweet. #
  • @feliciaday Sounds like something I’d do. Sadly, it would probably be considered freaky if I did it. #
  • Just turned off the stove & stopped cooking until Sadie says she’s willing to stop running in circles there & go in other room. No supper. #
  • @Shurakai Just over 3. Not that simple, but not amused, mainly b/c it’s 2/3 of most used public lights & son not living here uses it most. #
  • If I can prove we aren’t powering just some of common area fixtures (I know some are not on us), that could be interesting. #
  • All 3 kids are being maniacal in kitchen. Still not making supper. Not playing tonight. #
  • So the girl are fine, but Henry won’t stay out and won’t stop touching forbidden stuff like dishwasher, so I’m back. I’m not that hungry. #
  • But I’m sure they will be. In a few if he’s still there I’ll cage him, which we never resorted to doing but no way, not tolerating this. #
  • Got rice turned back on & chicken out of fridge. Turned off & put back respectively, lectured kids. They can have crackers & go to bed. #

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