Twitter Updates for 2008-07-07

  • My shrinkage complicates things yet makes it easier because a lot of older stuff now fits, but might need washing tonight. #
  • Coffee would be great right now. #
  • Just got a stop the power plant e-mail, apparently planned for Brockton. Replied all remarking it seemed a rough time to be anti-power… #
  • @Pistachio I seldom follow recipes exactly, especially after the first time. I rule. #
  • Today: Meeting with recruiter, stop at Stoughton town hall, bank, store, etc. And shave this silly beard before I scratch off both chins. #
  • But first a post. More coffee, too. Mmm… coffee. #
  • Feeling way too rushed. 1:19 for dressing, post office, bank, drive to Burlington, I’ll stop in Stoughton on way home. #
  • Arrived Burlington. Funny how much of the time is highway to office park. #
  • Feeling underdresed sans tie the way I felt overdressed in suit last times, but oh well. #
  • And done.. Shame I’m not a SQL DBA. #
  • Next stop Stoughton. Maybe fewer people will be driving with their brakes on the way south. #
  • In line for Stoughton town clerk. #
  • Apparently town clerk is a tough gig. #
  • Leavin Stoughton. Mine was easier than person ahead of me. And she took $8 bc that’s what web site said, been 10 for mos. #
  • Quick run into Stop & Shop for worst 2 outages. #
  • Home. About to head to post office. Glad supper is pre-made. #
  • Apparently my best bet will be project manager work and that’s probably 10-30k more than I made previously. #
  • Apparently there are companies out there that pay real money. Amazing. #
  • @robmay Everyone should use it, off and on. #
  • One of these days I need to write a post about how I almost invented the coworking concept circa 2001. #
  • It’s gratifying when kid asks for a burger and actually eats it all, probably 1/4 lb, on bread, with ketchup. #
  • She didn’t want spaghetti and I was making a burger for the baby, so easy enough. #

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