Twitter Updates for 2008-07-05

  • @jjacek Who knew there was a market! I made a paper mache unicorn head like that in 8th grade art, 1974/75. Long gone. Funny to see this. #
  • @MikeG1 We’re on another round of trying to get rugrats to respect the shelved books they can reach. #
  • I ate way too much. Absurdly too much. Too much pre-shrinkage, let alone now. So maybe in the morning I’ll be down that next stubborn pound. #
  • I wonder if there are fireworks for Boston, NY or DC on TV as I used to watch some years. Girls might get a kick. #
  • Looks like Boston starts fireworks proper a bit late for them. #
  • New rule: Starting up a talking, singing toy in the middle of a books ends the book on the spot & gets lights out & good night. #
  • Now Valerie knows that, so she’ll be able to disregard it in the future. #
  • Henry apparently learned to say “dog” while we weren’t looking. He was saying “dog dog!” while intently watching a dog on TV. #
  • Got carried away with Blogblivion post about dairy allergy confirmed & more. Time for sleep! #
  • I’d really love to have a BrainPal sometimes. #
  • @Shurakai Tried to clean on the idea you’d probably swing by, but only got as far as kitchen swept. OTOH kids allowed me to bake bread. #
  • My energy. Let me show you it. If I find it. #
  • Sadie is a riot, calling the homemade bread “banana bread” and insisting “it’s NOT bread daddy!” #
  • Well, at least I crack myself up. #
  • The early shift is much better. Kids very upset at mom leaving. Val, anyway. #
  • My drive all the way to Burlington Monday will put Stoughton right on the way so I can finally get a birth certificate for Sadie. #
  • Which is required to sign up for the communist health plan brought to MA by a prospective *Republican* VP candidate (gack). #
  • Until Henry climbed on lap I was comparing Deb’s resume versions and about to use hers as a model for rewriting mine. #
  • Mine will still have to be 2 pages and have some different elements, but I love hers. #
  • Now the twerp is hanging on my leg whining and going “mom!” at me before I can even get up. #
  • Cleaning the living room. It always amazes them how much fun their toys become when they can find them. #
  • Left 3 kids playing with cars and Hot Wheel ramp. By the time I could finish coffee & an e-mail, 2 of them were at my feet, clamoring. #
  • Which makes picking up their toys from my office floor interesting, no doubt. #
  • Ready to go to sleep now. #
  • Wow #
  • Really? Only 4 tweets in an hour from people I follow? Seriously, or is Twitter that broken or everyone finally fled? #
  • Yep, I am specifically not seeing the updates of most people I follow. Checked via profiles. Weird. #
  • Then there’s @Shurakai who just hasn’t updated again, or been seen here today as I’d expected. #
  • Looks like Twitter derailed about 4 hours ago, based on when it all dried up. #

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