Twitter Updates for 2008-07-03

  • @pixxiespaz We’re getting ready. Hope it’s not too far for Sadie, wonder if I should take little stroller. #
  • On way to fireworks. Turned on twitter sms for relavent people. #
  • We made it! I think Sadie ran most of the mile or so here. #
  • Sadie says fireworks are way too loud. #
  • Gout trying to flare, Not pleased. #
  • How does one hurt a tailbone this badly without noticing until it hurts this badly? Probably it’s from bad chair, but man. #
  • And that doesn’t explain the big gouge on my knee I woke up with yesterday morning. #
  • Feels oddly nice right now, but supposed to be 90 today. Thinking I should arrange office to bring kids in here later with AC on. #
  • @ericasadun I thought about that. I’d jsut have to figure out the whole htaccess thing to redirect old links. #
  • Sadie is begging for Kool-Aid in the face of our rule that alternating drinks are water. She’s sad & trying to persuade me otherwise. #
  • Silly kids. #
  • Turns out my cousin & his Val doppelganger 3 yo daughter were at fireworks last night & wishes he’d warned us. That would have been cool. #
  • Ended up not as bad as expected, and having kids come into AC didn’t go well anyhow. Time to get the baby not hanging on me. #
  • @pixxiespaz Sounds better than a job selling Avon… #
  • It’s funny Sadie showed zero interest in the carnival last night, and when fireworks are over she got up and led me out of there to go home. #
  • You ever feel like you’re going to die, yet in reality not feel *that* bad? It’s weird. #
  • Sadie wants something TO eeeeeeeeat. Which is probably a good idea, cept what she really wants is spice drops. #
  • Apparently it is to be grilled gold sandwiches. I mean, grilled cheese. We stopped buying cheese… #
  • Long enough for sticker shock at the price increase of as much as 33% on it. Dare we price milk? #
  • If cheese is indicative, we may pine for the days of $4 milk. #
  • @pixxiespaz Locked, or just a matter of being in the docx format? #
  • Girls are sad because they wouldn’t get away from me while I made their grilled gold sandwiches, so I stopped. Came in office & sat a few. #
  • Guess I could go finish them now. Plus it hurts like hell to sit. I swear losing weight made my shape shift enough to cause oddnesses. #
  • @phillymac Perhaps he’d like to be a historical footnote. Again. :> #
  • @PatrickRuffini Wasn’t Wonkette always lame? I recall when it was new wondering why reputable people were reading & linking illiterate goo. #
  • @sharone75 Hell’s Kitchen ends next week, making for a short TV list: #
  • @sharone75 And besides all that, perhaps catching some of the Olympics. #
  • @MikeG1 Mmmm… power tools. #
  • Time to go back for seconds of the stuff I won’t save to reheat again. That and it was pretty tasty. #

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