Twitter Updates for 2008-06-30

  • @kcarruthers Star Wars reference. Midichlorians are by some Jedi reckonings the source of The Force & are high in relation to your power. #
  • @michellis7 Poor kid. I thought that was your sister’s job. Guess you’ll have to learn… #
  • Val just joined Sadie in tub, so it was Val’s 2nd bath, and was inspired to use all of our shampoo to make bubbles. Half a bottle. #
  • Which means it cost me 75 cents to wash a handful of dishes in peace rather than supervising them the whole time, for which they are too old #
  • Except apparently the twerps are not to be trusted. Bedtime will be momentarily and no nonsense. $1.46 should be too little to anger me. #
  • If the kid is going to limit my sleep, it’d be nice if he didn’t also have to be on me the first hour+ we’re out of bed. #
  • Local says 81 or 83 high, Boston says 87. Now 73 and feeling all 100 of that % humidity. #
  • Wondering if neighbors are actually on vacation & that might make firepit Monday moot. That’d be nice. #
  • There’s a useful day in here somewhere, at least given sufficient caffeine. 3 Mugs of coffee is barely a dent. #
  • I can read Twitter fine, at least. Too bad it won’t let me tweet. #
  • Of course, saying that was a sure way to make it work… #
  • Just talked to a recruiter and need to update resume, which I did anyway, so guess that’s rest of day task. #
  • Trying to decide whether to concoct sweet & sour kielbasa for supper, on rice, or something else entirely. #
  • Good way to use a can of cranberry sauce already on-hand. Kielbasa slices simmering away. #
  • @robmay That’s a great quote. Instead of the path less traveled, why not one of the infinite not-yet paths? Makes all the difference. #
  • Sadie keeps surprising me by being a full-fledged kid. It’s like… already? #
  • That was yummy. Poor Val fell asleep & hasn’t eaten yet. Poor Henry fell off our bed for another bloody nose. Good thing he bounces. #

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