Twitter Updates for 2008-06-27

  • It’s a raccoon eyed morning. Maybe tonight I’ll sleep more. #
  • Wow. Got Wall-E review from Steve Rhodes & he says it’s nothing less than one of the best movies ever made, easily best Pixar. Unexpected. #
  • Hate not being able to remember what I wanted to do. Maybe part of the weight loss is in my brain. #
  • Maybe it’s good Sadie covered office floor in blocks & other toys, as Henry is enthralled after crawling in here presumably to cling. #
  • He only just got up minutes ago, with Sadie beating him by maybe 10. #
  • The kids are leaving me alone so well, I should do something useful so they stop that silly aberration. #
  • A small glass of Kool-Aid shouldn’t make me feel woozy, dizzy and vaguely ill after drinking it. Maybe I need to avoid preservatives etc too #
  • FWIW I was up a lb this AM, no surprise but at least been there for a few days now, & still only 3 to hit -60, 21 to hit goal in mind. #
  • Of course, since I’m not trying, I could fly right past the goal. It took effort to maintain circa 103 below my peak, but most of rest… #
  • was impacted by meds and their metabolism impact. But I’m eating even better diet than when I maintained that low weight. #
  • @chucksimmins Heh. I made a cult joke to the kids yesterday. Talk about going over the heads of the audience. #
  • Short sleep catching up with me. Should be napping with the boy. Which I was, for a couple minute when he was on my lap going to sleep. #
  • I come back to find that Twitter works, for the second, and there is now a site in the maligned whale’s honor. #
  • MedicDad strikes again! Hope the Band-Aids stay on Val’s thumb long enough to stop the flow of razor-induced blood. #
  • I keep telling her we say, no, don’t, never touch that, get down, don’t climb there, don’t do that, etc. for reasons. Mostly. #
  • @pixxiespaz Doh! Doh? Was it at least deserved or provoked? #
  • I keep forgetting that search on Vista is faster than I could ever imagine. By the time I finished typing “training” it had results done. #
  • A shame the file I want is not on that machine. #

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