Twitter Updates for 2008-06-23

  • just is. #
  • Time for bed! Just finished post set to publish later in the AM. Basically just a recap of all my past Asperger-related posts. #
  • Amused I went from 32 last year to 36 on AQ test retaking it. No wonder I feel reclusive. #
  • Isn’t Hansen the dude who faked data to make global warming look real? Wasn’t expecting article gushing about him when I clicked NYT link. #
  • Tweet headline made me think a former proponent had noted what the sun is doing and had 2nd thoughts. #
  • Be funny if the reality turns out to be the impending glaciation scare popular in my youth. #
  • Sad about George Carlin. #
  • If morning has broken, how can we fix it? #
  • @robmay Fascinating. I love the bit about replacing tear gas or spraying it to put customers at ease. That sounds Onionesque. #
  • Was down 55, holding steady down 53. Now reached down 57. 2 lbs trips odometer back a new 10, & probably under last 10+ years weights. #
  • @robmay is one of your Best Posts Ever. #
  • Hoping it T-storms hard this evening so the idiots can’t burn & hang out in yard getting drunk with friends. #
  • Working on a couple posts and trying to organize the day. #
  • Twitter? Over capacity? Shocking! #
  • One post down, Now for a few word’s about Hell’s Kitchen and I’ll lay off trying to do any “serious” blogging the rest of the day. #
  • Not counting that I am going to work on CotC, which is sort of serious. #
  • Hmmm… looks like Twitter infected LinkedIn. Page load error is not so expected there. #
  • Ah, tantrums. #
  • Especially Valerie’s Magical Mystery Tantrums with no known cause or cure. #
  • I think Valerie just erased my brain. #
  • I hate making typos like: “Michael one the first season.” #
  • Retweeting @smallbiztrends noting and welcoming @BusinessDotGov toTwitter. #
  • Wishing Twitter didn’t find tweets tasty enough to eat. #
  • As I was saying, it’s remarkably oppressive fore a mere 77 degrees. #
  • That’s enough messing with ad stuff for today. On to my next project or errands. #
  • Gave in and turned on the AC while Deb & girls were outside & Henry was hanging out with me. Almost got him to play on floor, not me. #
  • Introduced Bam Bam to toy hammer, from among the toys we’d weeded and stored in office closet. Amazing how much it hurts used on my face. #
  • Children being insane. I probably should start making ??? for supper, since my wrist hurts to be at the desk, typing or not. #
  • If anything, hurts less typing, at least at this computer. Was trying to do stuff at other computer on other desk. #
  • A light stick in my old 1st aid kit apparently burst then leaked out of the foil package & all over the kit contents. Yuck. #
  • Wonder what the chemical is and how inert, etc. I’ll toss what got soaked like gauze, clean out case, etc. I guess. #
  • I guess light sticks can go bad after 10 years. Bought the kit in 1998 before camping trip, though largely the contents is newer. #
  • Oh well. Time to figure out supper. #
  • Annoyed to find an archival copy of a web page of mine copied verbatim down to Site Meter at someone’s Typepad site. #

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