Twitter Updates for 2008-06-20

  • @andrewbarnett My guess would be temp required for each versus average temp there, and what’s more likely, but maybe they have other ways. #
  • @Shurakai Good luck! #
  • Wasn’t planning to fall asleep while reading the girls to bed. Time to go to bed for real. #
  • At least I have a leg up on the next day. No dishes, supper already made b/c we had eggs & I made chili afterward. #
  • The girls like it enough that they each ate a bowl for a 2nd supper. Came out pretty good. Sadie was intrigued by black beans. #
  • Should be able to continue where I left off today, lots of posts, ad stuff, work-getting stuff, additional cleaning, knock on wood, #
  • Funny to see a list of stars turning 40 this year and having to adjust my “wow, they’re older than me?” gut reaction, remembering I’m 47. #
  • With no good reason, despite being setup to fly, this day is getting off to a null start. #
  • Kids are all up now, anyway, which means they can distract each other. #
  • Sadie’s developed a touch of British accent/correctness and I realized yesterday it’s probably due to her obsession with Mary Poppins. #
  • Baby is mothing me and Valerie is tormenting him as if she’s the parent. #
  • Ooh, just had one of those weird deja vu instances where I know it was from a dream years ago, when I glanced at Twitter on screen. #
  • The girls are being monsters and the boy is being needy. The former they waited to unleash until after he was napping & I was working. #
  • After I shut them in their room with a lecture, I know they’ve opened the door & even emerged, but they’re being quiet, so good. #
  • @innismir I’m a power user, according to the electric company. :> #
  • There’s a bug! On the wall! #
  • I need to remember to test my DVD burner and see if I can back so stuff up that way. #
  • At least that was a lengthy nap. #
  • Valerie is obsessed with blue cheese dressing, wanting some wither every supper the way some kids might want ketchup. She put it on chili. #
  • Which isn’t that far removed from sour cream or cheese on chili, or blue cheese dressing on Buffalo wings, I guess. #
  • Val had 2 helpings black bean & corn chili. Sadie had none, apparently b/c she’d had some last night. Wanted Henry’s hamburger so he shared. #
  • Kids are so funny. #
  • @Pistachio That’s like poor Deb, pregnant and/or breast feeding since January 2003. Almost over! #
  • @Ithildyn I wonder if it’s partly she’s missing dairy, or just that she always liked strong flavors. #
  • Last night I gave Val some carrot stick with supper, just so go with the blue cheese dressing. #
  • @Pistachio Correction, make that January 2004! January 2003 was a year earlier, just before we both started blogging on opposite coasts. #
  • Just found a WordPress/w.bloggar bug/issue. Create category. Create post in category with w.bloggar. Category list on sidebar never updates. #
  • Sidebar only include categories with non-zero post count. May be a prob only if multiple categories assigned, as I did no singles to test. #
  • If you resave post from WordPress, it corrects itself. #

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