My grandmother would have been 97, had she not done the actuarially correct thing for social security and died just after turning 65, as so many once did when social security and 65 as a retirement age were conceived. That used to be ancient. Now it’s still relatively prime for many, who will increasingly go on to collect for 20, 30 years and beyond, expecting that not merely to be supplemental, but to be primary and in some kind of style. Meanwhile, if you take the logic behind it to be the children supporting parents in retirement – since remember, what you pay in goes to support current retirees, not into a fund, not into an investment vehicle that garners market-based returns – then it all falls apart when you have retirees and their children both over retirement age, collecting from the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the original generation. Historically, there will have been almost a century of fiscal pig-in-snake, with an explosion coming on the far end. None of which means I don’t appreciate having my grandmother and parents around, but the whole thing is alarming on the larger scale.

I had a crazy dream in which Fred Thompson had died. He had been dating some obscure cousin of ours, a fictitious person for the sake of the dream, and she was annoyed that being merely his girlfriend, she would get no inheritance. Apparently, my grandmother had died as well, so the obscure cousin instead maneuvered to take control of my grandmother’s estate instead, trying to steal it out from under the proper heirs. This created quite the sense of alarm.

Also in the same dream sequence I had returned to college for some classes. The parts I recall are my worry that I wouldn’t be able to handle how different it was using computers for accounting classes, and riding a bicycle to get to school. I was with a bunch of other students and a professor, all on bikes, riding down route 106 in an area of Halifax I can’t specify. As we rode along, the professor or whoever it was lectured on political matters and sent away anyone who disagreed. It was far worse than anything that was happening back when I was in college.

Anyway, I guess today I have to continue the close and office cleaning and organizing I started over the weekend, which will be useful in that it makes things more efficient. It’s distracting to go and discover things I forgot existed, pausing to be excited or amused in the process. That and all the time it takes to relocate or repack things. The closet space was not being used efficiently.

The problem was it’s where toys go away on vacation, and the kids are hard to keep out of the office, even with the door closed. It’s also where toys they haven’t been given yet live. Thus there are a couple of magnetized doodle pads, a couple bottles of bubble stuff, three little cars, a couple packs of modeling clay, some crayons, and whatever else.

We were thinking of putting a bookcase in there, against the window. Yes, there’s a window in the closet. It’s smaller than a true walk-in, but large as closets go. In fact, apart from the ceiling being stair-shaped in one of them, it’s about the dimensions of two closets in the cellar, where our bedrooms were in the house where I grew up. One was under the stairs, along a hallway front to back, and the other was back to back with it, opening into what was originally the master bedroom. In fact, as I recall, you could go through one closet and come out the other, hidden passage style, subject to the amount of stuff in the way. Trouble is, the bookcase would eliminate, it appears, the large shelving unit. But it would make way for hanging shelves and some other flexibility.

I also need to run to the store today. I’d say I was trying to figure out how to make $5 buy peanut butter, bear jelly, yeast, sugar, apples, some veggies, a few pounds or so of meat of some kind, some baby food, and whatever else I’m forgetting, but we’re expecting my nephew to stop by and give me $20 for a spare power supply. That puts it closer to reality.

I was probably going to say something else, but can’t remember, so off to the shower and on with the day…

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